Watercolour Starter Pack (FREE tracked shipping worldwide)

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Ready to kick-start your watercolour obsession? Or maybe you're participating in the Palettiquette challenge in January? Either way, this starter pack is perfect for getting started with watercolour and creating an insane amount of beautiful colours!

As a Winsor & Newton Brand Ambassador, Emma is thrilled to be able to share the brilliance of Winsor & Newton professional series watercolour paints with you. This connection with W&N also allows us to be able to seek expert advice on absolutely any question you may have about the paints - no matter how technical!

This Watercolour Starter Pack includes:

  • 3 x Winsor & Newton professional series watercolour paints (5ml tubes) in the 3 recommended primary colours:
    • Winsor Lemon
    • Permanent Rose
    • Winsor Blue (Red Shade)
  • 1 x Princeton Snap round watercolour brush (size 10)
  • Tracked shipping worldwide included (express within Australia)

Limited quantities available.

Please contact Emma if you have any questions via hello@blackchalkco.com