Pre-Order: DIGITAL ONLY - Penultimate Magazine - Issue Eight

Pre-Order: DIGITAL ONLY - Penultimate Magazine - Issue Eight

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Save 50% and be the first to read the edition! Pre-Order your digital copy of Issue Eight of Penultimate Magazine!

ISSUE EIGHT is WORKSPACE themed! In this edition, we take you inside the workspaces of 10 artists and show you how they work, how they set up their workstations, how they store their supplies - and of course, let you swoon over all the arty stuff they have! We talk about workspace ergonomics, tell you all about our favourite organisational products, and talk about best practise supply storage. Our friends from Karin Markers are also providing our Lettering Goodie readers with one of their new brush markers that the internet has been going crrrrazy for - so make sure you select the Lettering Goodie option if you'd like to receive one with your magazine!

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This is for ONE EDITION only. This is not a subscription. It is to pre-order the eighth edition of Penultimate Magazine. 

Penultimate Magazine is a BI-MONTHLY magazine, which means it comes out once every 2 months (so, 6 times per year)