ONLINE live workshop: Intro to Brush Pen Lettering (2nd December 9am AEST)

ONLINE live workshop: Intro to Brush Pen Lettering (2nd December 9am AEST)

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Date: Sunday 2nd December 2018

Time: 9.00am - 10.30am MELBOURNE time (AEST - equivalent to 2pm Saturday 1st December Los Angeles time. Please use the following link to convert the timezone and please do not hesitate to check with me if you're unsure: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter-classic.html)

Location: ONLINE! This is not an in-person workshop

Ticket: $50 AUD (Australian currency, ~$35 USD)

Haven't you heard? Digital is sooooo last year -- and handmade is BACK, baby! Join Emma from Black Chalk Collective in an ONLINE live workshop and get those creative juices flowing! Just in time for Christmas, perfect.

During the ONLINE workshop, we will explore and discuss:
- handwriting vs hand lettering
- what brush pen lettering is
- beginner tools and how to use them
- the staple strokes of brush pen lettering
- how to form letters and words using these strokes
- how to develop your own unique style
- basic design principles to make your work 'pop'
- what you can create with your newfound skills

What is provided:
- a suggested list of supplies you'll need to organise (for as little as $10-15)
- Black Chalk Co worksheets to print, practise with and keep
- 90 mins of LIVE online instruction and assistance

What you need:
- access to a printer to print the worksheets prior
- access to a computer or mobile device to join the online workshop. You don't *have* to show your work, you can simply watch and listen, but please ensure you have a webcam or mobile camera if you'd like to share your work
- 1-2 brush pens
- some quality paper to practise on (*not* printer paper - it'll shred your pens)
- a word / phrase / quote you'd love to learn how to letter. Your own name is more than fine!

No prior experience with brush pens or hand lettering is necessary - and having good handwriting is NOT a prerequisite!

Class size is limited to ensure plenty of time for your questions and to receive individual feedback on your progress/work.

Please provide your preferred email address when registering, to ensure you receive the pre-workshop questionnaire (approx. 1 week out from workshop). 

If you have any questions about the workshop please email Emma at hello@blackchalkco.com

'See' you there!