DIGITAL ONLY - Penultimate Magazine - Issue One

DIGITAL ONLY - Penultimate Magazine - Issue One

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Penultimate Magazine is a magazine for lettering artists, produced BY a lettering artist. Penultimate comes out on a bi-monthly basis and has a new theme each edition - from brush pens, to pointed pens, to watercolour and more. The magazine includes interviews with artists, product recommendations, reviews, how-tos, tips and tricks, insider info, community events and workshops and much, much more!

In Issue One, we delve deep into the world of Brush Pen Lettering. We take a look at many different brands to consider when beginning, as well as techniques (such as blending, highlights, shadows and the "ombre" effect) and troubleshooting. We discuss brush pen storage, our product of the edition (Artline Stix), and the importance of grip, angle and pressure when using a brush pen. We also sit down with Becca Courtice from The Happy Ever Crafter to discuss her pen-related pursuits, as well as spend 5 minutes with Sarah Pearson, the mastermind behind The Inky Box. Jennifer Smallridge, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist also tells us how important sleep is when it comes to creativity. Not only that, you can also take part in the lettering challenge of the edition, submit your work for publication, as well as make friends through our pen pal program!

This is a DIGITAL version of the magazine which will be emailed to you once you purchase it - you will not receive a physical copy. You will still be asked for your address upon check out - but it does not mean you will receive a printed copy in the mail.

This is for ONE EDITION only. This is not a subscription. It is to order the very first copy of Penultimate Magazine. Subscriptions will be available from Issue Two onwards.

This is a BI-MONTHLY magazine, which means it comes out once every 2 months (so, 6 times per year)

**due to the image-heavy nature of this Magazine, the file size is quite large (42mb). To avoid blowing your data, make sure you're connected to wifi before downloading**