'Catch me up!' Issues 1-8

'Catch me up!' Issues 1-8

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Penultimate Magazine is a digital magazine for lettering artists, produced BY lettering artists. Penultimate comes out on a bi-monthly basis and has a new theme each edition - from brush pens, to pointed pens, to watercolour and more. The magazine includes interviews with artists, product recommendations, reviews, how-tos, tips and tricks, insider info, community events and workshops and much, much more!

This is a BUNDLE that includes issues 1-8 of Penultimate Magazine, for immediate access:

  • Issue 1: The Brush Pen Edition (September 2017)
  • Issue 2: The Pointed Pen Edition (November 2017)
  • Issue 3: The Watercolour Edition (January 2018)
  • Issue 4: The Chalk Edition (March 2018)
  • Issue 5: The Shiny Edition (May 2018)
  • Issue 6: The Anything But Paper Edition (July 2018)
  • Issue 7: The Nothing But Paper Edition (September 2018)
  • Issue 8: The Workspace Edition (November 2018)

These are DIGITAL versions of the magazine which will be made available to you in your account immediately after purchase - you will not receive a physical copy.

This is for EIGHT past editions only, no future editions. Please check the homepage (www.penultimatemagazine.com) for the current edition and other subscription options.

Penultimate is a BI-MONTHLY magazine, which means it comes out once every 2 months (so, 6 times per year). This bundle gives you access to the first 8 editions of the magazine, released between September 2017 and November 2018 - at a special 50% off rate for reading in bulk.

**due to the image-heavy nature of this Magazine, the file sizes are quite large. You can read the magazine online, but to avoid blowing your data, make sure you're connected to wifi before downloading copies to your device**